What Is Med-Pay Coverage and Why Should I Have It?

At Hoewisch Family Chiropractic, our team works hand-in-hand with patients experiencing a wide range of pain from auto accidents including shoulder pain, neck pain, low back pain and whiplash. Some patients don’t come in to see their Santa Clara chiropractor soon enough because they worry about the cost. Don’t make that mistake. Med-Pay coverage may be a solution for you.

What Is Med-Pay Coverage?

Med-Pay coverage, sometimes called Medical Payments coverage, is an automobile insurance option that helps to cover your chiropractic and medical expenses if you’ve been involved in a car accident. This coverage is valid even if the accident is someone else’s fault or if the person at fault has no coverage. It is not the same as PIP (Personal Injury Protection) or liability insurance. Many health insurance policies have a high deductible, reduced or minimal coverage, or high out-of-pocket costs. Med-Pay covers you and your passengers up to the limit of the policy. Here’s why your Santa Clara chiropractor wants you to know.

Why Does Your Chiropractor in Santa Clara Want You to Know About It?

Med-Pay coverage is often essential for those who are involved in an auto accident and need financial support to pay for the long-lasting effects of their injuries including chiropractic care. When you see your chiropractor in Santa Clara, we can bill this type of insurance to cover your costs. This means you can get the help you need to recover from your injuries if you have this coverage in place.

If you’ve been involved in a car accident, you’ll likely have significant pain including shoulder pain, neck pain resulting from whiplash, and back pain. This is due to the force impacting your spinal column, ligaments and/or muscles. While your health insurance plan may cover your bruises and broken bones, it may not provide financial support for your spinal column misalignment care. We encourage our patients to obtain Med-Pay coverage today from their car insurance representative. It is a life-saver for many of our patients, and it is also very affordable.

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