Koren Specific Technique from Your Santa Clara Chiropractor

Neck Pain and Back Pain Treatment with KST in Santa Clara

As your choice Santa Clara chiropractor, Dr. Hoewisch and our team are dedicated to providing each of our patients with the most advanced chiropractic care techniques available. With our unique one-on-one approach to patient care and exciting new neck pain and back pain treatmentmethods like KST in Santa Clara, we are able to help patients find the pain relief they need without prescription drugs or more invasive treatment methods.

What is the Koren Specific Technique?

Developed in 2003, the Koren Specific Technique or KST is an advanced form of spinal manipulation. Utilizing a more advanced system of analysis, our chiropractor in Santa Clara is able to provide patients with more focused chiropractic care that eliminates the twisting, turning and cracking that most people associate with spinal adjustments and replaces them with gentle and more specific corrections. Made up of 3 separate parts, this neck pain and back pain treatment uses a very precise and gentle tool in order to provide pain relief.

How KST Works to Correct Subluxations

Distortions in your spine and body structure can cause severe nerve stress or subluxations. These subluxations are known to cause physical, mental and emotional malfunction in the body and are often associated with low energy, neck and back pain, muscle weakness and many other medical conditions. During your visit to our chiropractor in Santa Clara, you can expect the KST treatment to be broken down into 3 sections, including:


The analysis section of the procedure is designed to check the structural system of your body in a short and exact period of time. During this process, our chiropractic care team will evaluate the skull, spine, discs, hips, sternum, ribs, arms, hands, legs and feet.


This section of the KST treatment is designed to expose where the underlying issue is. Similar to muscle testing where the muscle becomes weak after being exposed to a negative impulse, different areas of the body are tested to see if they are in their proper position. A simple yes or no code then determines if chiropractic adjustments are needed.


Using an adjustment instrument to initiate force or energy into the body, this gentle and precise chiropractic correction helps to realign affected areas of the body and remove nerve pressure at a speed of 12 taps per second (12 hertz). This fast, accurate and controlled adjustment is safe and effective for treating a variety of different conditions.

Discover KST Chiropractic Care in Santa Clara

Unlike any other type of chiropractic care in Santa Clara, KST offers patients a wide variety of advantages, including:

  • Ideal for those who want less force (more gentle adjustments) applied to their body.
  • Provides immediate results for affected areas.
  • Adjustments can be done in any position. Choose to stand, lie down or sit —whichever is most comfortable for you.
  • Ideal for patients of all ages, especially safe for young children on up to senior citizens.
  • Great for stubborn subluxations and spines that do not respond to other treatment methods.

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This non-invasive, gentle and prescription drug free chiropractic care treatment option is fast and effective in providing pain relief for patients of all ages. Interested in discovering the many benefits of the Koren Specific Technique for yourself? Call (408) 985-8118 or visit our experienced team online today to schedule an appointment and learn more about chiropractic care in Santa Clara.