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Millions of accidents happen everyday. It is estimated that one out of three motor or vehicular accidents result in some kind of injury. These injuries can affect any part of the body depending on the impact and the circumstances of the crash. However, the most serious car accidents are those that result in no pain or other symptoms.

That’s right, NO SYMPTOMS. Here’s the reasons why:

Alright, alright, yes, some car accidents are so minor that there are no injuries or resulting symptoms. But in many others, the injuries still occurred, but with no pain or any other symptoms. And you think “Yeah!! Dodged another bullet!” But the injury is still there, like a torn tendon, ligament or muscle. And its torn just so slightly that it doesn’t cause pain, but its torn enough to start the cascade of degenerating events that shows up 10+ years later as a degenerated disc and vertebra, usually in your neck. 

Your MD may say that the degeneration is due to getting older. If that’s the case, look at the other vertebrae above the degenerating disc. They show no signs of degeneration; thus they must by younger vertebrae. Obviously not so. The degeneration was caused by the whiplashing of the neck from the car accident 10 or more years ago. So if there’s no pain after the accident, how would a chiropractor know if there was an injury? Read on.

A simple series of tests to your neck muscles will tell the most

They include active, passive, and resisted range of motion tests. If there’s pain upon active motion, more than likely there’s a tear in the ligaments around some of the neck joints. If there is pain upon passive motion, more than likely there’s a tear in the ligaments between the bones. If there’s pain upon resisted motion, more than likely there’s a tear in the muscles. These types of ‘hidden’ injuries often are not visible on x-rays, MRIs or CT scans.

Then again, some accidents result in pain. The most common car accident injuries in Santa Clara require immediate chiropractic treatment are as follows:

Head and neck injuries

These are some of the most common injuries that drivers and passengers suffer. Head injuries may range from mild concussion to traumatic brain injuries. At times there will be no visible sign of injury or trauma, but the brain may have been jarred inside the skull due to the impact of the crash. Bruises, cuts and other injuries may also be evident.

Neck injuries may be categorized as mild i.e. whiplash and neck strain, to more serious cases such as cervical radiculopathy and disc injury. The recovery period is usually six to nine months. Chiropractors use instruments or manual manipulation of the spine to restore the normal movement and position of the spinal vertebrae. It is often treated with massage therapy, trigger-point therapy, exercise rehabilitation and/or soft tissue rehabilitation.

Back injuries

Like neck injuries, they range from mild to very serious conditions. Back injuries include sprains, strains, fractures, disc injuries, thoracic spine injuries, lumbar radiculopathy and lumbar spine injury. They can show up even after a long period of time, and may cause long lasting pain and severe discomfort.

Early chiropractic evaluation, including orthopedic and neurological examinations, should be done to check the injuries. The Chiropractor will check the alignment of your spine and will also check for irritated nerves that lead to muscle spasms and other injuries.

Facial injuries

These injuries can be caused by almost anything during an accident such as the face hitting the steering wheel, airbag, windshield, dashboard, side window, car seats or from shattered glass. Its severity ranges from scrapes and bruises, to lacerations and fractures. Temporomandibular disorders of the jaw (TMJ) and serious dental injuries can also result from car accidents. After the initial physical examination, the chiropractor may carry out mild physical adjustments or provide therapy.

Psychological injuries

Car accidents are not limited to inflicting pain and physical injuries. At times, aside from mild to serious physical injuries, accidents lead to loss of life. Drivers or passengers may suffer short or long term psychological trauma such as emotional distress and apprehension when driving.

Prolonged distress can even lead to a condition similar to post traumatic stress disorder or PTSD after a car accident. After conducting a physical examination, the Chiropractor will also conduct a neurological examination to evaluate cranial and peripheral nerves for sensory or motor damage. Massage therapy can be provided to help relax the patient and alleviate the effects of the accident.

Immediately after any car accident, the paramedics will carefully apply a neck and spinal support to the patient. Doing so helps prevent further injuries and can even save the life of the patient.

It is also critical that patients seek chiropractic care immediately after a car accident since untreated injuries may lead to long term and more serious problems. Providing early care and treatment simply means faster healing and recovery.

Even if a car accident is considered simple, it may still lead to more serious injuries. Chiropractic treatments are the perfect solution in restoring the body. They help relieve pain, and can help with any necessary adjustments needed with spine alignment, through massage or foam roller techniques.

If you’ve been in a car accident no matter how minor, please give us a call and let us tell you if there are any hidden injuries.

Frequently Asked Questions to Our Car Accident Chiropractor

More than 6 million car crashes occur every year in the United States with 3 million people injured in those crashes, according to Driver Knowledge. Injuries can range from mild to severe and chronic with the most common injury being whiplash. Thankfully, our chiropractic car crash doctor in Santa Clara can evaluate your injuries and answer all your treatment and recovery questions after you’ve been in an auto accident.

What should I do after a car crash?

Being in a car crash can feel overwhelming, even if you’re not severely injured and don’t have any immediate symptoms. If you are not severely injured, you should call the police, get the other driver’s information and call your insurance company to file a claim. If you are severely injured, you may have to be transported to the hospital via ambulance.

If you didn’t need to go to the hospital or urgent care after your accident, you may still want to call and schedule an appointment with our chiropractor. This is because many car crash injuries do not cause any symptoms immediately after the accident. Getting a comprehensive evaluation can find hidden injuries so that they can be treated in a timely manner.

What type of injuries are sustained during a car crash?

Car crashes can cause numerous injuries throughout the body, including head, neck, back, shoulder, wrist and knee injuries. The most common auto accident injuries include whiplash, sprains and strains, twisted knees, shoulder injuries from the seatbelt, herniated discs and wrist injuries if you were holding onto the gear shift or steering wheel at the time of the accident. Car accidents can also cause cuts, scrapes and bruises as well as broken bones.

Who can treat car crash injuries?

Depending on the severity of your car crash injuries, you may need different medical professionals. If you are severely injured during your accident, you may need to visit the local Santa Clara emergency room for immediate treatment of broken bones, severe cuts and life-threatening injuries. 

Your family doctor or a primary care physician can also treat certain types of car accident injuries, including cuts and broken bones and provide follow-up care after your ER or urgent care visit. If you have a herniated disc, whiplash, sprains and strains and other types of musculoskeletal injuries from your auto accident, our chiropractor may be able to help reduce your pain and decrease your recovery time with non-invasive, drug-free treatment options.

Is chiropractic effective in treating a car crash injury?

If you have a herniated disc, neck injury, back injury, extremity joint injury, whiplash or another type of musculoskeletal car crash injury that is limiting your range of motion and causing you pain, chiropractic treatments are effective.

Our Chiropractor and team offer manual chiropractic adjustments and KST chiropractic treatments. Your treatment plan will be customized for your specific injuries and overall health and wellness goals. As you recover, our chiropractor will adjust your program in order to ensure you receive the best possible outcome.

Is chiropractic safe to treat car crash injuries?

Chiropractic care is a safe treatment option for certain types of car accident injuries. If you have whiplash, a sprain or strain, extremity joint injuries, including injuries of the shoulders, wrists and knees, or a herniated disc in your back or neck, our chiropractor can help you by evaluating the severity of your musculoskeletal injuries, taking digital images and providing you with a comprehensive treatment program to help reduce your pain and recovery time.

How soon should I seek treatment with your car crash doctor after my accident?

Our car crash doctor recommends getting seen within 72 hours of your auto accident. This is because some injuries, like whiplash, do not cause immediate symptoms. Instead, the symptoms may manifest slowly. In the case of whiplash, your neck may feel a little stiff. Within 24 hours, you may notice that you have a persistent headache and sensitivity to light and sound. If your whiplash is severe, you may develop pain in your upper back and arms. 

Scheduling an appointment with our chiropractor to have your back, neck and extremity joints examined can help locate those injuries so that they can be properly treated in a timely manner and you can recover faster.

How do I schedule an appointment with your car accident chiropractor?

You can schedule an appointment with our car accident chiropractor by calling us at (408) 985-8118.