How A Santa Clara Chiropractor Can Help After A Car Accident

If you’ve sustained an auto injury in Santa Clara, there are a lot of steps you should take. You’ll need to contact your insurance company, you’ll likely need damage estimates for your vehicle and, depending on circumstances, a lawyer may be in order. But there are also good reasons to make an appointment with our Santa Clara chiropractor. How can our Santa Clara chiropractor be of assistance after a car accident?

We Can Document Injuries

When you visit Hoewisch Family Chiropractic, we will diagnose any injuries and document them along with any treatment required. This documentation is important for both insurance and legal purposes. Many auto accident injuries don’t have immediate symptoms, but involve smaller injuries that can start the degenerative process. This can manifest itself in the future with long lasting, chronic pain. By documenting injuries early, you are protecting yourself.

Seeking Treatment Quickly can Improve Results

The sooner you have our Santa Clara Chiropractor diagnose your injury, the better the chance of complete recovery. Our whiplash treatment can help alleviate pain immediately and set the stage for long-term results. We specialize in relieving pain from auto injury accidents including whiplash treatment that can restore neuromusculoskeletal health and balance.

We Can Determine the Cause of Pain Holistically

Following an auto accident you may feel some stiffness in the neck or shoulder, headaches or a tingling sensation in the arms and legs. Ignoring these as being minimal or non-accident related can be costly. Many times auto accidents jar the spine, causing pain in seemingly unrelated areas of the body. Hoewisch Family Chiropractic can help determine the root cause of any pain or discomfort, and offer holistic treatment.

Contact Us and Make an Appointment Today

When you or a family member is involved in an auto accident in Santa Clara, it’s important you make an appointment with Hoewisch Family Chiropractic soon. Call us at 408-985-8118. We never charge for a consultation. Hoewisch Family Chiropractic is located at 1221 Lafayette Street in Santa Clara, CA.

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