Conservative Sciatica Treatment in Santa Clara

Sciatica is a quaint-sounding name for a serious health challenge. This inflammation and irritation of the body's largest nerve can leave you with a variety of neurological symptoms in your foot, leg and lower back. Fortunately, you can overcome your sciatica through the conservative methods offered at Hoewisch Family Chiropractic, your home for conservative sciatica treatment in Santa Clara.

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Understanding Your Sciatica Symptoms

The sciatic nerve is about as thick in diameter as a human thumb, acting as the central conduit for all the impulses that are routed through the smaller nerve branches serving the buttock, leg and foot. Several major nerve roots threaded through the narrow spaces in the lumbar and sacral spine connect the sciatic nerve to the spinal cord -- and when these nerve roots are pinched, normal communication shuts down. As the nerve signals get blocked or go haywire, you may experience a variety of symptoms, including lower back pain, pain running down the back of the leg, numbness or tingling in the leg or foot, and loss of muscle control in the affected extremity.

Impingement of the sciatic nerve roots can occur more easily than you might think. An acute work or auto accident, for example, can dislodge the vertebrae in the lower spinal column and allow discs to herniate onto the nerve roots. But sciatica is also an extremely common age-related condition that may appear spontaneously after the age of 30. Gradual shifts in spinal alignment, the development of bulging discs and longstanding postural issues can compress the sciatic nerve roots. Your symptoms may come and go in bouts, forcing you to experience the debilitating leg pain, lower back pain and other sciatica symptoms again and again until you find the kind of pain relief in Santa Clara that can stop those symptoms at the source.

Our Santa Clara Chiropractor Can Provide Effective Sciatica Relief

As in so many other cases of pain relief in Santa Clara, our Santa Clara chiropractor relieves sciatic symptoms by addressing their underlying cause. If a spinal misalignment, disc problem or structural imbalance is responsible for the compression on your sciatic nerve roots, chiropractic adjustments that correct the positions of these components can help take the pinch off that nerve tissue. Even if you suffer from a chronic spinal condition, periodic adjustments from our chiropractor in Santa Clara can serve as a safe, welcome pain management strategy.

Our chiropractor in Santa Clara offers two different types of spinal adjustment, both of which are effective against sciatica. You can receive traditional manual adjustmentsif that's what you're used to, or you may prefer the low-force, instrument-assisted Koren Specific Technique (KST). Either way, our sciatica treatment in Santa Clara can help you regain comfort and function.

Seeking Drug-Free Pain Management in Santa Clara?

If you're searching for drug-free pain management in Santa Clara for your sciatica, Hoewisch Family Chiropractic could be just what the doctor ordered. Call (408) 985-8118 today!

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