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Herniated Disc Treatments from Our Santa Clara Chiropractor

Santa Clara Chiropractor treats herniated discs and Bulging Discs

Herniated discs are a common type of back injury our chiropractor in Santa Clara treats. They occur when part of the disc bulges or slips out of place, putting pressure on the surrounding soft tissues and nerves. This can result in significant back pain. Thankfully our Santa Clara chiropractor, Doctor David Hoewisch at Hoewisch Family Chiropractic, can help heal your herniated disc and reduce the severity of your symptoms naturally.

Understanding Vertebrae and Herniated Discs

The discs in the back are located between the vertebrae in order to cushion them. They are comprised of two sections. The inner section is soft, like jelly. The outer section is slightly tougher and has fibers that attach themselves to the surrounding vertebrae. The outer layer also holds the inner layer in place. When the outer layer cracks, it can allow the inner layer to bulge through the outer layer and press on the surrounding soft tissues and nerve roots. As the outer layer starts to deteriorate, usually due to age, it can bulge out of place. This can also put pressure on the soft tissues and nerves of the back, resulting in pain and mobility issues. Disc problems are classified as herniated, extruded, or bulging discs.

Symptoms of a Herniated or Bulging Disc

The symptoms of a herniated disc, or disc-caused problem, can vary greatly between individuals. Some people do not have any symptoms, while others may experience mild to severe pain that is either constant or intermittent. Thankfully, our herniated disc doctor can evaluate your symptoms and recommend the appropriate treatment. Common symptoms can include: 

Risk Factors for Developing Herniated Discs

The primary risk factor for developing a herniated disc is age. After the age of 30, the spinal discs start to dehydrate, according to Spine Universe. This dehydration process can cause the outer layer of the disc to become brittle. As the disc loses its elasticity, it is more susceptible to herniated or bulging out of place. Other risk factors for developing a herniated disc that needs treatment from our bulging disc doctor, includes:

  • Being Overweight

  • Improper Lifting Techniques (ie bending and turning at the same time) 

  • Sudden injuries, like Falls

  • Having a Job or Hobby that Requires Repetitive Movements of the Back

Herniated Disc Treatments from Our Back Doctor

When you have a herniated disc, you need natural treatments from our doctor help you get back on your feet from Bulging Discs or Herniated Discs. Our treatments for herniated and bulging discs include KST chiropractic, manual chiropractic adjustments and corrective exercises.

Manual Chiropractic Adjustments

Minor misalignments of your vertebrae, called subluxations, can put pressure on your discs and decrease the room your discs have, which can accelerate the dehydration process and increase your risk of experiencing a herniated disc. Manual chiropractic adjustments involve using short, swift thrusts to push your vertebrae back into their proper places, which can increase the range of motion of your back, reduce back pain and help your damaged discs heal.

Instrument Adjustments

Instruments adjustments are very similar to manual adjustments except instead of our Santa Clara chiropractor, Doctor Hoewisch, performing the adjustments with his hands and forearms, a handheld adjustment device performs the adjustment. Many individuals find this treatment extremely comfortable. Our Chiropractor can use this on babies while they sleep. 

KST Chiropractic

KST stands for Koren Specific Technique. This is a highly involved type of chiropractic treatment that includes a thorough evaluation of how specific parts of your body function and how your body functions as a whole. Then, our Santa Clara chiropractor checks to see if a specific part of your body needs an adjustment. If an adjustment is needed, one will be performed in order to restore the function of the area.  This helps with herniated discs by not only correcting misalignments in your spine but by also correcting other joints, like the knees and hips that may be contributing to your back pain and mobility issues.

Corrective Exercises

Once your herniated discs start to heal, our herniated disc doctor may recommend corrective exercises to help increase your rate of healing and reduce your pain. Our corrective exercises will be specifically designed for you and your physical abilities. They will help you strengthen your lower back and core muscles as well as your leg muscles. By improving your muscle strength and flexibility, you will be helping to heal your herniated discs and reduce your risks of future injuries and pain.

Maintenance Care with Our Chiropractor

Once your herniated discs have retracted and refilled with fluid, our herniated disc doctor recommends scheduling periodic appointments to help keep your spine aligned and address any health concerns or pain you may be experiencing. This can help you maintain and improve your long-term health and wellness.

To schedule an appointment with our bulging disc doctor, call us at (408) 985-8118. We serve the entirety of Santa Clara.

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